Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vintage Tip Tuesday XII

It wasn't until the late nineties that "low rise" jeans came out and then the 2000's that "super low rise" surfaced. This denim and pant fit caused an entire population of women to show off their bum each and everytime they bent over...even an inch. Not only does this fit have the crack showing, but the love handles are well displayed as well. Even if a woman doesn't actually have lovehandles, the fit is made so that side fat appears. All this unflattery can easily be remedied, however, by going back to the elegant era of the high-waisted pant. A higher cut not only covers the entire behind and prevents any accidental peep shows, but also helps to hide a protruding stomach, narrows the hips and accentuates a small waist (especially if a belt is worn.) This was the way women wore their trousers for most of the 20th century. Starlets such as Katherine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, and Grace Kelly looked lady-like in trousers...neither too revealing nor frumpy.

If you take on my tip, be sure to go for a tapered, skinny, or wide pant leg, and be sure to wear form fitting and stylish tops. In order to pull this look off, the pants MUST fit well!!! No empire waist, baby doll, or unnecessary baggy tops either. Your vintage look--including the high-waisted bottoms--should look hip, not like a late eighties/early nineties mom.

Katherine Hepburn

Joan Crawford

Grace Kelly

Marilyn Monroe


One of my high-waisted pant looks from this summer.

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