Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flea Market Therapy

Women (and some men) often use shopping as a way to lift their spirits when they’re feeling down. This has been one of those weeks when my spirits just can’t seem to ascend from the pit of my stomach. Of course I put on a happy face and will even ignore the lows for hours upon end, but my heart still aches even when I‘m not tending to it with a bubble bath and a glass of wine. I could say I was above the need to shop and fill my home and wardrobe with new items, but that wouldn’t be completely true. My shopping therapy does not include shopping for new items. I shop for old. They’re from several decades back and therefore I have decided I am justified in my band-aid purchases.

This weekend, after a very difficult break-up, I visited the Fairfax flea market. Before my boyfriend (now ex) entered my life, I spent almost every Sunday strolling along the aisles of antique home items, vintage dresses and tops, golden era heels and Victorian laced-up boots, shabby chic furniture (I can’t say I necessarily care for this too much), racks and racks of vinyl, dusty hard covered books, art deco floor lamps, and trays of sparkly costume jewelry. It was heaven for me as well as for my dog Gus. This particular flea market allows all those that enter to bring their dogs, making my shopping experience nirvana for Gus. He gets to sniff more pooch touch than he knows what to do with. It ended up being a win-win situation for both Gus and I. Sundays was the one day in the week that my boyfriend and I both didn’t have to work, so we spent the whole day together and only made it to the flea market once. So, now that I am single again and have Sundays free, I am back to my weekly flea market browsing, and Gus couldn’t be happier.

This last Sunday was a little too hot for the likes of Gus (I had to carry him almost the entire time we were there), but the Fairfax High School parking lot, where this weekly vintage fair is held, had some great finds. My first purchase was a beautiful 1940’s peachy brown velvet purse for $10. A girl that is down in the dumps definitely needs something beautiful to wear…or carry in my case. My second purchase was a gift for a friend of mine that is going through an even more difficult break-up. I find that empathizing with another’s pain takes you out of your self-pity bubble and in turn eases your own pain. My third purchase was a hand held mirror for my bathroom. My Mom has always told me that when you are in a relationship, it’s as if there’s a mirror showing you all the parts of yourself that you don’t like. You are forced to face yourself in a way that does not happen when you’re single. I bought this mirror to remind myself that I need to continue to grow, examine who I am, and make changes when necessary despite my being single. When I’m feeling stagnant, I’ll just take a deep look in my beautiful 1940’s mirror. If that isn’t a shopping therapy experience than I don’t know what is.

Fairfax Flea Market
Fairfax High School
Fairfax and Melrose
Every Sunday 10am-5pm

The 1940's mirror that will help me with my self-reflection when I'm not writing.

Close-up on the mirror's gold floral detail

The gorgeous peachy brown velvet purse I bought.

Close-up of the brooch accent on the purse.

My apparel: Red top from Urban Outfitters; thrifted cream ruffled skirt; vintage camel colored braided leather belt; vintage heart necklace and thick gold chain; vintage tapestry leather purse; mustard yellow ankle socks; camel colored brogues.

Close-up on vintage heart necklace from Fairfax flea market (reminds me to not lose faith that love is out there) and vintage gold chain from the Rose Bowl flea market.

Close-up on yellow mustard ankle socks from Urban Outfitters; camel colored brogues from Nordstrom.

Close-up on vintage tapestry and leather purse that I bought at Goodbuy Girls in Nashville the weekend before.


I want Eames chairs like this for my kitchen table.

I had this "Care Bear Cousins" lunch box when I was 6.

Someday I will have a vintage typewriter. I just need the extra money (they usually run about $130) and the space.

I found a doll that was just as dejected as I.

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  1. I coincidentially also went through a difficult break up with my boyfriend this past weekend, so I felt like I needed to write this as a response.
    I saw your blog on chictopia, and I'm glad.
    Could you check my blog out too? we can follow each other if you want:)