Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Tennessee Wedding

Monday’s style icon June Carter was married to Johnny Cash for 35 years; Dolly Parton has been married to her husband for 45 years; Roy Rogers was married to Dale Evans for 51 years. These country western Tennessee couples took “Until death do you part” seriously. More importantly, however, they took the love, respect, and loyalty that should be at the center of married life to heart. Unlike many Hollywood couples, country western duos have a long history of successful marriages. They seem to be steeped in tradition and old fashioned values. Marriage is entered into at a young age, but they often marry for life.

My brother Clayton is 22 years old and married Megan, a boisterous sweet as pie 20 year old southerner--big hair and all. Chatting with them the night before, I got the sense that no matter what, they were willing to fight to communicate and listen and compromise with each other. They were willing to “love each other bigger” like her father told them they would have to do when things got tough.

The wedding was beyond my expectations. Many of the old country western stars had their weddings pure laid-back country style: Loretta Lynn married right after a pie social when she was 13 years old, Hank Williams married Audrey Guy at a gas station, and George Jones and his wife Nancy had their wedding dinner at Burger King. Clayton and Megan had their country touches (a monogrammed “D” on the staircase in the reception hall, sunflowers mixed with wild flowers in the bouquets and in the table top vases, a cake decorated with guitars, a country pop band with some two stepping, and lots of meat at dinner), but all of this just made the classiness of the event more fun. With the gorgeous vineyard location, the nuptials taking place on a bridge over a pond, participating in lots of dancing, photos, traditions, and the opportunity to bond with my family, I had such a special time. I hope and pray their marriage will mirror the length of those Nashville country western stars that made it through a lifetime together. My brother certainly deserves the positive and generous spirited family he has married into.

Clayton and Megan: May y’all live happily ever after!

The amazing vintage metallic brocade and royal blue chiffon dress I picked up at the Fairfax flea market the Sunday before the wedding for $20!!!

Close-up on the metallic, light red, cream, and light emerald brocade. The metallic was a cross between a silver and gold...which made it difficult to accessorize.

Close-up on cream 1940's heels. I decided to wear neutral shoes because neither gold nor silver looked right.

Close-up on my vintage light gold purse.

Their wedding was on Vintage Dr.

The reception venue and where the wedding party got ready.

Part of the vineyard.

Clayton's bride Megan putting on her beautiful gown.

My sister and bridesmaid Whitney getting bronzed.

The light blue flower rings that each bridesmaid wore.

Megan talking about how excited she was to marry such a handsome man.

Bradley, Clayton and I before the wedding.

The vineyard gazebo leading to the pond.

Megan being walked to the bridge by her sweet father Richard.

They were married on a bridge over a pond surrounded by a incredibly beautiful!

Clayton and Megan exchanging vows.

D for Doss...
southerners love to monogram.

Table settings with the summery sunflower theme continued.

The cake.

The Groom's guitar cake and more delicious of the two.

Cutting the cake.

The band...lots of house and country music.

The first dance.

My niece Brooklyn dancin' up a storm!

My Dad, myself, and his wife Miranda. I look like I'm missing a hand, but I'm not. Both hands are still intact.

Myself with the newly married couple.

Clayton's father-in-law's amazing 1950's garage full of vintage cars...

...six to be exact...

...all of which Clayton was not allowed to drive away to his honeymoon in.

Off to a wonderful life together!

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