Monday, September 19, 2011

Inspirational Icon Monday: Francoise Hardy

French folk singer Francoise Hardy was the epitome of beauty, style, and talent in the 1960's. As a child, Miss Hardy was painfully shy and hated being a focal point. Her father, whom she had a contentious relationship, gave her a guitar for her birthday. This gift opened her mind up to the soul rendering quality of music. She was able to escape into the notes and express herself in a way that she never could before receiving that instrument.

There are usually expectations we have with our parents...often completely valid expectations. If these are not met, we believe they have only been a hindrance by leaving us with pieces of an emotional puzzle that we are supposed to somehow put together. There is usually some gift, however, that a parent bestows upon it's child even if that parent doesn't do it intentionally and the child doesn't realize it.

In 1961, at 17 years old, she was signed to her first record label and by '62 she had made her first album (Oh Oh Cherie) and sold over one million copies. Although she was an instant success and the muse for many Parisian designers, she never did have a relationship with her father. The one gift of the guitar was all he was able to give, but that gift changed her forever.

After I went through chemo, I never wanted to wear another hat...I think I just might be loving hats once again though.

My version of Francoise Hardy's 1960's newsboy look.

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