Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vintage Tip Tuesday XI

I absolutely love collecting vintage silk scarves. Not only are they really beautiful with each one showing off a unique geometric pattern, a feminine floral sequence, or a scene with people and/or animals, but they are also really really cheap to buy. Of course you could break the bank by going the designer route and bidding on a vintage Hermes or Dior scarf on eBay, but you can find equally stunning scarves in the numerous bins of almost any flea market you visit. They usually run anywhere from $1-$5, and once you collect enough, can be sewn into your own custom made window or shower curtain. For those that do not enjoy or do not know how to sew, can always use a single vintage scarf on a smaller window with wooden clothes pins for hanging. Either way, the scarves add a breezy elegant charm to your pad.

These scarves are sewn together into a curtain to separate the office from the living room in a small space.

Close-up on a homemade scarf shower curtain.

Shower curtain.

This hallway window takes a longer scarf and then requires holes to be punched into the silk in order to have curtain rings hold it on a rod.

If you don't like the look of a patchwork quilt, wooden clothes pins or plain white fabric hooks can be sewn for hanging scarves across a window pane.

You can actually purchase curtain clips at Target or Bed,Bath and Beyond like I have for these scarves that I have hanging on a kitchen window as an example.



  1. "posted by Lecia or Leesh as I'm known to those close to me.."

    Apparently we aren't close because I've never called you that. haha. And it sounds weird. I probably never will.

    Ps-so many of these pieces of fabric remind me of traveling the Northwest with my family to Native American gift-shops and reservations-I don't know why, they just remind me of that time in life.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi ! I just linked back to this post on a round-up on how to dress up your home with scarves, I hope you like it!

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