Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspirational Icon Monday: Ali Macgraw

"Love means never having to say you're sorry" might be #13 in AFI's "100 most memorable movie quotes," but it drives me wild with infuriation. This 1970 film Love Story never felt very loving to me. Ali Macgraw's character Jenny was snarky and constantly made juvenile digs at Ryan O'Neal's Oliver...or "Preppy" as Jenny called him. I always found her love toward him selfish, and when she says this infamous line that people have repeated over and over as one of the most romantic lines of all times, I literally want to throw my hands up and scream, "love is all about saying you're sorry!!!!!! Love is about putting down your pride and recognizing when you've hurt that person whether you intended to or not!!!!! Love will always entail moments that require an "I'm sorry," but not feeling you need to say it because it's implied is just asking for a non-communicative dysfunctional relationship!!!!!" This line, from the 9th most popular love film of all time and biggest grossing movie of 1970, has produced some of the worst relationship advice out there.

My distaste for Love Story (from that line to Macgraw's snippy character to the horrible acting of all involved to the cheesy writing) did not leave me blind to the fashion Macgraw showed off in this movie. She blended the preppy collegiate look with the mod style that resulted in a clean colorful combo. When I first watched this film at my Mom's place a few years back, I became obsessed with Macgraw's tomato red tights. They brought such a punch to her outfits. It took a good two years for me to find and buy that same color, but every Fall since this find I've been sporting them as often as possible.

Love Story is not the only place Macgraw showed up with style, however. She was in several other movies including Goodbye Columbus (1969) and The Getaway (1972), and was on the arm and married for five years to the equally stylish Steve McQueen. Although her natural beauty and innate fashion sense made her a top idol of the seventies, the entertainment industry's brutality eventually left her to first seek drugs and alcohol and then a life outside of Hollywood. Sante Fe, New Mexico now gets the pleasure of experiencing this fashion icon, and her laid back persona couldn't be happier.

The red tights I fell in fashion love with.


My Ali Macgraw in Love Story look.

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