Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vintage Tip Tuesday IX

For the true Nashville fashion conscious hipster, boots are made for more than walkin’. They have the ability to show off personal style and bring a laid back feel to any outfit. I got my first pair of cowboy boots when I was 4 years old, but unfortunately I didn't get my second pair until 2 years ago when it finally occurred to me that they're not for just cowgirls or wanna be country western singers. Vintage cowboy boots are actually unexpectedly chic.

Most of the vintage stores across this “music city” have a marvelous selection of cowboy boots in several different colors (camel, brown, burgundy, black, red, pink, navy), heights (ankle, mid-calf, below the knee), and degrees of bling. They give a casual blithe spirit whether paired with a dress, skirt, short shorts, or jeans. Outfits are instantly cooler with cowboy boots…as long as the boots are not worn with a western belt buckle, cowboy hat, or fringe. Steer clear of the cowgirl costume. One western element is plenty. There is no need to walk around like Jessie from Toy Story.

Unless you're a rodeo queen, AVOID this look!


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