Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vintage Tip Tuesday

My Mom has always had a decorating rule for her house. She says, "Every room needs one red piece." Whenever I move into a new place, I make sure to follow it. A pop of red stands out, and since the eye will naturally be drawn to these pieces, choosing something vintage in red shows unique household style.

My living room has theatre seats from the 1940's that I found a little over 3 years ago on a road trip. Not only do these chairs draw my visitor's eyes, but they also love to sit in them to watch movies. They don't scream comfort to me, but I indulge their intrigue.

This was a surprise gift from my friend Ramsey at the end of our flea market shopping trip last Sunday. It's a 1950's bird spoon holder which I find absolutely adorable! Now my kitchen has a special red piece as well.

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