Friday, July 15, 2011

For a Reason

In the musical Wicked, Glinda sings of how “people come into our lives for a reason.” This song, “For Good” popped into my head while driving away from my 2nd friend date of the day. Both of these friends I met up with today are not friends I see very often nor are they friends I chat with on a regular basis anymore. At two entirely separate and yet momentous times in my life, I was “fixed up” with these women. Someone we each knew told them I could use a friend and not just any friend but a loyal friend. These two women became those friends to me.

Blaney, whom I met for a 3 hour lunch today (we had a lot of catching up to do), was an ally in Los Angeles as we both struggled to make it in the film industry. We were young, naive, and both living in a city that “eats you up and spits you out” as the saying goes. Having a steadfast friend that walked the same path alongside me was crucial. Jennifer, my date to last night’s showing of The Maltese Falcon at The Stanford Theatre, became my friend when I moved back to the Bay Area for cancer treatment. Although she was different from me in so many ways, I found her to be accepting while still fiercely devoted to the beliefs we differed on. She not only made herself available as a faithful confidante, but she also became a companion and mutual lover of Red Robin fries (with the delicious seasoning and dipped in Ranch dressing.) Eventually Blaney moved from L.A. to the Bay Area to be near her ill father, and I had the luxury of having both Jen and Blaney in my friendship corner.

As I watched the film last night, my eyes drifted from the screen to scan this theatre that holds such a precious spot in my heart. The organ player that rises from below the stage to play a pre-show tune. The velvet crimson curtains that open up to reveal that nights black and white film. The staircase that leads up to the balcony of red chairs and makes for the most lavish movie theatre experience. Patrons are to enter the theatre with the sensation that they are going back in time to the golden era of film. Upon entering, I too go back in time but it’s not to the 1940’s or 50’s. I go back to another momentous time in my life. A time in my childhood where my parents were divorcing and I needed distraction and hope. A place that showed me the “happily ever after” endings where everything eventually turns out well.

People and places are not always meant to stay in our lives. Sometimes they are there for just a time. When I get to go back and visit them, however, it feels like old times. There is a permanent place they hold that reminds me of where I was and how I have grown. A place that is grateful for how they helped me through a difficult time and appreciates (as also sung in Wicked’s “For Good“) their “hand print on my heart.”

*My afternoon lunch apparel: Vintage 1950's teal flower earrings, Kimchi Blue lavender top from Urban Outfitters that reminds me of something Daisy in The Great Gatsby would have worn, Vintage thrifted Levi cut-offs, Two Tulip royal blue flats with gold embellishment, Vintage 1960's gold handbag.

*Close-up of 1950's earrings.

*Blaney and I at lunch.

*Evening apparel: thrifted cream with blue polka dot secretary blouse, Vintage 1980's navy blazer, Forever 21 earrings that remind me of something Twiggy would have worn, thrifted J Brand jeans, royal blue Two Tulips flats with a gold chain embellishment, 1960's gold handbag.

*The Standford Theatre in Palo Alto, CA.

*Jennifer and I at the movie.

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