Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hot Fun in the Summertime

June gloom is finally over and the heat we Angelenos are accustomed to is here. Although my apartment being on the top floor of a 1920’s building gets pretty dang hot, I couldn’t be more excited to show off my favorite vintage summer getups.

Summer is full of nostalgia for me. Waterslide/camping trips with family friends at Manteca Bay where my parents would let me run free for the day after they attached the colored band to my wrist and supplied me with lunch money. I would come back to the campsite after 8 hours of sun--brown with a little red on the shoulders and nose where the sunscreen had rubbed off, hungry for an Oscar Meyer hotdog, and too dazed out to partake in more conversation than “Yeah, it was fun.” I would fall asleep looking for shooting stars in my sleeping bag that I had partly melted at my neighbor Allison’s slumber party when I decided to take the only available spot on a heating vent.

I’m looking forward to making more summer memories with the barbeques, camping, beach trips, and poolside lay out sessions I have semi-planned. Below are a few vintage outfits to inspire you for your summer…

*4TH OF JULY BBQ* Cream eyelet bolero bought from Gap 7 years ago and has been hanging in my closet unworn until now (mid-drifts are in), red high-waisted vintage shorts from 1980's, cream anklet socks from American Apparel, vintage camel colored belt and oxfords, 1970's vintage sunglasses from flea market.

*SUNNING MY SNOW WHITE BODY ON MY APARTMENT'S FIRE ESCAPE* Green and blue striped one piece swimsuit from Target 3 years ago, 1950's vintage floral scarf, 1960's vintage sunglasses, 1980's vintage white/gold/silver 2" heels.


  1. I swear I had those exact same shorts back in the day! Loved the high waist - made a height-challenged gal's legs look nice and long :)

  2. Yes, I'm loving that high waisted pants and shorts are back:)