Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vintage Tip Tuesday XX

Thanksgiving weekend is done and it's time to bring out those Christmas decorations...for those of you that celebrate Christmas. I decorated last Saturday morning, and it's always such a treat to pull out memories in the form of ornaments and knick-knacks.  The older the better in my opinion. In years past, I have decorated my apartment with white lights and elegant Christmas decor, but this year I'm going kitchy! I wanted my apartment to emulate an early 1960's pad. Silver tinsel Christmas tree, cupie doll elf ornaments picked up at the flea market, mid-century glass balls and character ornaments, tinsel garland, colored lights, and plastic light fixtures in the shape of bells and candles. I have to say, I'm loving this look! It's fun, stands out, and in small doses (no need to cover every empty spot on a wall, every door, and every table top with kitchiness) has the ability to be tasteful.

Have a kitchy Christmas my friends!!!

My first stocking.

 My tinsel Christmas tree...they debuted in 1959 and were all the rage for the next few years.

I don't have a star or angel for my little tinsel tree, so I used a vintage mischievous elf instead.

My first ornament as a child.

A little elf ornament I paid 25 cents for at a vintage shop.

Glass ornaments always give off that mid-century feel.

Although vintage glass ornaments can be found, their delicacy makes them rare. Replicas can be found all over and are quite inexpensive.

My kitchen decor...the Santa Claus kitchen towels were a gift from William Sonoma that also came with dessert plates and mugs...so adorable! 

My table setting of a small tinsel Christmas tree from Anthropologie, an elf, a green and red plaid dinner napkin, a couple of plastic candle decorations for the window and more elegant silver candle holders for the table.

A vintage elf I found for $2 at the Fairfax flea market a couple of summers ago.

These plastic candles that light up are from Walgreens...I love how mid-century they look!

My livingroom window display.

A plastic bell decoration also from Walgreen's with a little Christmas tree decoration and the Eiffel Tower which always sits by my window.

Old family Christmas photos and a vintage candy container made out of old Christmas cards and yarn.



  1. I love this! I love all of your posts! lol where do you usually find your vintage items??? garage sales & consignment shops?

  2. Thanks Sydney! One of these days I'm going to list all my fave vintage shops, but yes I do go to flea markets, garage sales, and estate sales often.