Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vintage Around the World

I have recently been feeling stuck. Stuck in an apartment that has had squaters sleeping on the lobby couches. Stuck under the debt of student loans and medical bills. Stuck in a state of confusion over how to bring certain dreams into fruition. When I feel like this, I eat tortilla chips and salsa, watch silly shows, sleep, talk about my woes with friends, and then pick myself up with reminders of how full my life has been thus far. The easiest way to do this is by admiring the souvineers I have collected during my adventurous travels. Besides photographs, my favorite of these said souvineers are the vintage pieces I brought home from vintage shopping trips taken in each visited country. These beautiful articles of clothing and accessories remind me that I have had dreams come true. Since some of my travel dreams came true than that must mean that my other dreams have a fighting chance.


Black heels from the 1940's. I bought these in a small vintage boutique by the Musee d'Art Moderne for 15 Euro.

I love the detail of the heel.

Vintage black boots with dangling gold beads hanging off the ties. These only cost 28 Euro!

Gold 1960's purse.

Blue, black and white dress from the 1940's.


Green embroidered purse from the 1950's. I bought this near the Picadilly metro station.


Tapestry embroidered black and multi colored clutch.


1980's Off white booties.


Thrifted brown flouncy skirt.


Polka dot scarf.


Red sweater dress from the 1980's.

Tangier, Morocco

In this photo I'm wearing a floral 1960's sundress.

Salvador, Brazil

In this photo I'm wearing a gray, red and blue embroidered thrifted sundress while hanging with locals.

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