Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Every Weiner is a Winner

The first time that Gus ran in the weiner nationals was two years ago when he came in 33rd out of 35 dogs. He got a little distracted by another dog's treat but...still walked away with a ribbon that read "Every weiner is a winner." This time I brought plenty of his own treats to entice him to run to me and not toward other owners holding cookies.

The weiner dog races are held in Huntington Beach at a German decorated area called Old World Village where weiners are celebrated. From the store that sells everything to do with weiner dogs to the stands that sell bratwursts, it's a day for hot dogs. Many dachshund owners, however, get quite intense about their little racers. They train their dogs and anger rises in them if their pups don't win the race. For those of us that don't pressure our extra long canines, watching these little long dogs race offer such amusement. Dogs start barking or trying to play with another doxie in another track, some will take a break to pee, some will mosey down the track while other dogs sprint past, a few refuse to leave the cage they're held in after the race announcer yells, "go!" and then there's always one that just stops half way through for a little snooze.

Gus ran so much faster for this second race of his. He came in 7th place and I'm such a proud mama.

Weiner dog races were first held in Austrailia in the 1970 and California held its first race at UC Davis in 1972.

German Gus.
German me.

Everything sold in this store has a dachshund theme.
Gus is ready for the race.

Gus comes in 7th.

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