Monday, November 21, 2011

Inspirational Icon Monday: Jean Shrimpton

British model Jean Shrimpton became a fashion icon in the 1960's when she visited Melbourne, Austrailia wearing a mini skirt and men's watch. Within minutes of her first billboard for Revlon cosmetics being lit, she had women all over coveting the white lace shift dress she wore instead of the lipstick she was advertising. After attending a London modeling school, Shrimpton's photographer boyfriend of four years David Bailey began photographing this doe-eyed beauty. Her career suddenly took off and she became the world's highest paid supermodel gracing the covers of Vogue, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Time, Vanity Fair, Elle and Newsweek.

While looking through photos of this swingin' sixties covergirl, I noticed that my style very much mirrors that of Miss Shrimpton. From the sweet shift dresses to the tights to the feminine blouses to the stylish coats to the ballet flats to the girlish evening dresses to even her hairstyle of bangs and flipped out locks. With each photo it is confirmed that I have found my fashion kindred spirit. If only I had been born back then, we could have been living in a flat in London as clothes swapping roommates.

My version of Jean Shrimpton: Black and gold polka dot dress and faux fur coat with black loafers (not pictured.)


  1. Love this piece, Lecia! Jean Shrimpton was a doll! Nice inspiration for vintage style. Your friend Lori H. introduced me to your blog. I hope you'll write back. I'd love to trade guest posts with you!

    Dressed Her Days Vintage

  2. Jean was a doll! I actually haven't written on here in forever! Once I got a position as head writer of magazine, my blog fell to the wayside. I did the magazine for a couple of years and have since moved to Nashville and restarted a former career as a professional makeup artist. Perhaps I can get back to posting on here every once in awhile though! I hope you're doing well with yours!!