Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turkey but No Touchdowns

Last year was the first year in 10 years that I went home and spent Thanksgiving with my family. This year I was back to spending it with friends. My love of sweets and baking had me making desserts all morning--pumpkin pie and chocolate cheesecake. Gus and I watched the Macy*s Day Parade and took a lovely morning walk in the beautiful weather Los Angeles was and often is blessed with. My friend Sarah hosted her first Thanksgiving dinner at her sixties mod pad in West Hollywood with myslef, our friends Ben and Josh, and her two brothers John and David. We ate great food, stuffed ourselves silly with my desserts, drank wine and beer, and played board games. It was such a great day, but Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without football.

Saturday night, Sarah and I sat field level at the USC vs. UCLA football game. Sarah's brother is a freshman band member at USC, so I (a proud Bruin) sat in a sea of red and yellow. With the rowdy rivalry that has been alive since 1954 when UCLA won the NCAA championship over USC for the first time, I decided to go sans blue and yellow and sneakily show my Bruin pride by wearing a greenish-aqua (blended blue and yellow.) I was not in the mood to be irately yelled at on Thanksgiving weekend.  Although the game and excitement of the crowd was contagious, I felt such sympathy for my Bruins who had to walk away with a humiliatiing final score: 50-0. This game had Bruin coach Rick Neuheisel fired by Monday. Hopefully they all had some turkey and pie left overs at home to comfort their pride.

Sea green sheer blouse, vintage scarf, 1950's beaded purse, mustard cotton mini skirt from American Apparel, plum tights, vintage 1960's white heels.

Sea green sheer blouse from American Apparel and vintage scarf tied in a bow. I think my secretary look was a little dressy for this Thanksgiving get together.

I bought this purse at a vintage shop on Magnolia in Burbank.

These 1960's heels give a punch to an outfit paired with tights.

With a breakfast like this...I knew this national day of eating was going to be a good one!

All morning I baked and used my mid-century mixer that I absolutely love!

This chocolate cheesecake I made was soooooo good!

Sarah the hostess

I think it's the rule that holiday group photos must look or no family.

My alma mater...I still love you UCLA!

UCLA fan vs. USC fan

A huddle was definitely needed.

Our band.

I don't know what they're cheering about.

The only time that we were sooooooo close to getting a touchdown. I don't see why USC couldn't just give us this one.

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