Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vintage Tip Tuesday XXVII

Remember when we had to hand out valentines to everyone in our class? My Mom had me make all my valentines with red and white construction paper, heart stickers and a little bit of glitter. It was always a lot of work...especially in 4th grade when I had to remake them three times since I kept throwing out the boys valentines in the trash before my arrival at school. I had it in my head that every boy that received a valentine would believe I was in love with him, and when you're nine years old, that is a catatonic catastrophe that just cannot happen.

Being years past my juvenile valentine woes and able to comprehend that a valentine does not necessarily mean you're in-love with a person, but rather can simply be a sweet gesture to show you care. My tip for this week of love is to hand out a homemade valentine to a friend. It's an innocently unexpected demonstration of platonic love. Give them a retro twist by printing out one of the vintage valentines below and glue it to a piece of red or pink construction paper (or white computer paper if that's all you have handy.) Glitter adds glam, but if you don't want it to randomly appear on your face for the next week...skip that step!

Happy Valentine's Day friends!!!

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