Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Tip Tuesday 29

I love an ugly lamp. Of course they're not ugly to me...they're...well, quirky and unexpected. There's nothing like finding some cool oddly charming "giver of light" in your Grandma's attic or at a thrift store or sitting on sitting on a dusty table at a garage sale. Those that like the clean simplicity of IKEA or the classic style of Pottery Barn won't necessarily see the beauty in one of these eclectic gems, but even the modern household can be served by adding an element of surprise. One thing to remember? Be safe by avoiding a fire hazzard and rewire your second hand ugly lamps. It only costs around $10 for a rewiring kit at the hardware store and is really easy to do. The cords are usually so old that they often either don't work or should no longer be used. Other than that they're a fun and unpredictable buy!

My new ugly lamp I got a couple weeks ago at the flea market:)

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