Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This Writer's Unblocked Road

What have I been doing for the last month you ask? Interviewing celebrities and writing articles. Not for my blog, but for a nationally sold fashion and entertainment magazine called Zooey.

Zooey was founded a little over a year ago by the talented, driven and very young Lucia Tran. A fan of magazines for as long as she could remember, she wanted to showcase entertainment, the arts and women in a postive light. With all the tabloid magazines on shelves tearing stars down and exploiting their personal lives, Tran thought she could shed a light on the interesting career paths and inspirational stands female stars are making. With an exceptional and knowledgeable team of stylists, photographers and publicity supporting her, Tran has built upon this idea and has her magazine selling out all over the country...and I get to be apart of it.

Last November I began writing blurbs describing fashion shoots for the website, but within a couple of months Tran has entrusted me with writing the main articles for the print magazine and this includes next issue's cover story. More than I ever expected. Perhaps I was too afraid to dream. It was such a disappointment to have my acting career not happen in the way I had hoped. When I let go of that, I rested upon the expectation that I would be a teacher. I did major in English after all, and to use this major to write rather than teach isn't necessarily the most realistic. All doors toward teaching continually closed. That apparently wasn't the plan. At least not for now. The magazine world was in the back of my mind, however, and I began writing this blog with the intention of putting my ideas and writing out in the world to be seen. Nothing could come of it, but then again when you put yourself out there, possibility awaits. The most precious experience I could have ever imagined was waiting for me after writing this blog for six months: Zooey.

With no clue how this opportunity to write for a print magazine that I really believe in and love will turn out, I've relinquished all control. I'm along for the ride, enjoying each minute no matter how stressful, learning about the ins and outs of the magazine writing world and even more about myself, and sticking to my mantra that when opportunity arises, just say "yes."

                   Look for the March 2012 issue of Zooey Magazine
                             in Barnes & Noble and select newstands!


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