Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vintage Tip Tuesday XXII

If last week's tip isn't going to work for you, than perhaps this card giving idea will suit you better. There are several homes and parties that I'm visiting this year. I want the hosts/hostesses to know my appreciation of their invite by bringing them a card and something sweet. Baking cookies, bagging them and tying them with a ribbon is a sweet gesture, but adding a homemade card makes it even more special. Michael's Craft Store has card stock and envelopes in a variety of colors. The only step you would have to take is finding a vintage card or picture online (if you don't care for the ones provided below), print it out, and paste it to the front of the card. Voila! You have a card that you would probably never find at the store...and didn't cost you $5! If you want to get really crazy crafty, you can add glitter, ribbons, beads or buttons for an added touch.

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  1. love so many of them, what a great collection, thanks!