Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Goal Straying for a Hat

Never was I a hat person before I got cancer. I had this long curly hair that received much attention. I always thought of hats as being for those that didn't like the strands gracing their head and wanted nothing more than to cover all that was atop. My Mom is constantly changing her hair because she is never happy with it, but even she who professes to be a hat lover buys them and then often lets them collect dust in her coat closet. I just never wanted to look like I was trying to emmulate Mayim Bialik's Blossom or the 1950's tabloid reporter Hedda Hopper. I wanted a hat to complete my outfit instead of compete with my outfit. Losing my hair due to chemotherapy, however, forced me into wearing hats since my treatments were during winter and my head would freeze if it weren't covered.

With the chilly weather I of course wore knit caps and beanies for the warmth (even to bed), but on sunnier days I would go for something a little more fun and unusual. Rebecca, a close family friend, had a "Hat and Scarf Party" for me and although there were some that were unwearable (due to an itchy interior, impracticality or a style that didn't fit my taste), the kindness of these friends to build a collection for me to choose from everyday was such a treat. Having to daily wear a hat or scarf taught me that the rest of my outfit must be simplified. If I over did it then I would walk out of the house looking like a dizzy clown. Mistakes were made, but I adapted. After my hair grew back, the fondness for hats continued. In fact, I still check inside the hat to make sure it's soft and not itchy...just in case I one day have to lose my hair again.

Saturday afternoon I found myself searching for a birthday card for a friend who was having a party at the Roosevelt Hotel later that night. Next door, American Rag Company was just sitting there waiting for me to walk in. They carry current trendy designer collections, an admirable denim assortment, and a fair arrangement of pricey vintage clothing and accessories.  As I passed by the hats, I couldn't help but notice this one breathtaking cream number with a square shaped medalion. I tried it on in the mirror and the fit was uniquely edgy but soft. This hat had an unconventional pizazz that I don't often come across. The price tag made me gulp, and because it was vintage I knew I couldn't return it after "guilty shopping syndrome" ate me up inside. I walked around...and around...and around the store. Should I buy it? I reallly need to be saving for a mattress...and I have debt I'm paying off. I need to be focused on this goal. I knew all this. I told myself all of this. I started envisioning myself walking back to return it to its spot on the hat rack, but somehow (I must have been unconscious), I ended up at home with that hat. Of course now I will have to make the purchase worth it by wearing it every chance I get.

Sometimes we lose our mind for a moment. The important thing is that we don't lose ourselves too often and when we do we get back on track. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Gold top, cream purse, faux fur coat, brown and black heels...and of course hat are all vintage.

At the Roosevelt Hotel later that night.

Wearing my new hat again the following day....


  1. So cute! I love it! And the outfit was definitely something I would wear--it gives a nice modern/vintage feel :D