Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vintage Tip Tuesday XXI

It's time to send out Christmas cards...and spend a small fortune on stamps. Since the eighties, families have been sending out photograph cards of their family with a letter detailing the events of their year. Does anyone read those? With social networks, emailing and texting, everyone already knows all about your life. A couple of Christmas card sending seasons ago, my family and I decided to send out our take on the Christmas family photo. We wanted to look like those families seen in photo albums of the sixties and seventies. Maybe even early eighties.

If you would like to follow in my family's footsteps, you can find your wardrobe cheaply at nearby thrift stores. I bought a thrifted red polyester blouse from Goodwill, a vintage gaudy Christmas vest from Jetrags, and  a "Jingle for Jesus" pin from Out of the Closet. My family did their Christmas outfit shopping at Value Village...with my step-dad walking out of the store with a women's red blazer. JCPenny and Sears both have inexpensive studios where you'll get more than enough photos (including about 50-100 locket sized) to send out to your loved ones without having to make any copies.  Make sure you choose the cheesiest background. Clouds are always good. If nothing else, you'll have a good time. For once, perfection is discouraged. This photo shoot is all about bringing your inner mid-century nerd to the surface.

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