Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vintage Tip Tuesday VI

Although my step-dad is a painter who does beautifully intricate interior work, I have always been drawn to wall paper. He started his own company (Perisso's Painting in Mount Vernon, WA) during the faux painting rage. Clients found wallpaper to be out of style and painters didn't want to deal with the difficulty of getting the paper smoothly on the wall. It was a win for all...except me.

In high school, I was often asked my by step-dad if I would like him to take down the peach and metallic gold wall paper decorating my bathroom and vanity area. Absolutely not. When this family that I know moved into a house they recently bought, their little girl had the most amazing pink and gold wall paper. They of course took it down and painted the room simple pink. If only they could have given it to me. Unfortunately wall paper doesn't work that way.

One small wall done up with an art deco pattern, can easily add a classy vintage flavor to a room. It can also be a cure for a lack of wall hangings. When a wall is wall papered up, wall decor is not necessary. Just be sure to stear clear of wall papering the ceiling, doing only a border, and the country look made popular in the 1980's.

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