Monday, August 8, 2011

Inspirational Icon Monday: Twiggy

I don’t like the fact that Twiggy changed the modeling industry’s beauty ideal from curvy to thin. I do, however, like that her unconventional look for that time is what made her the world’s first supermodel. She was 16 when her hairdresser boyfriend put a photo of her new pixie cut up in his salon. An agent walking into the salon discovered her, and “the face of 1966” was born. Models had been voluptuous and although her androgynous appearance brought on plenty of critics, she was a fresh and welcome change to an industry where models all looked the same. Within a year, Leslie “Twiggy” Hornby became an international model, fashion icon, and British “it girl.” She even came out with her own clothing line she called “Twiggy’s dresses” in 1967. After four years and still going strong, she quit the industry. As a model she felt like a designer’s doll, and she wanted to be a woman.

Twiggy’s cheerful colors and bold prints contrast with the innocence of the shift dresses and customarily conservative attire she wore. Her style was fresh then, and its simplicity feels fresh now…as well as summery. I happen to love her fashion, but I wear it with a few more pounds on my frame. Twiggy hated the way she looked, but her "flaws" are what made her an international star. It's our uniqueness that makes us beautiful.

Wearing a pink 1960's Twiggy dress I found at Wasteland, and 1960's black and white snakeskin loafers.

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