Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspirational Icon Monday: Mia Farrow

With October here, I will be highlighting those fashionable scream queens of the past. Starting off the month is the lovely Mia Farrow who made pregnancy with Satan's spawn in Rosemary's Baby look oh so stylish. She was married to the dashing and charming Frank Sinatra for less than two years and romantically partnered with the socially awkward Woody Allen for 12 years. I always found it unfair that she went from a ladies man like Sinatra to a nervous wreck like Allen and was ultimately betrayed by the man she thought would offer her loyalty. Woody Allen left her for Farrow's daughter Soon-Yi which he married in '97. She could have fallen apart after her lover and daughter's union, but instead she chose to spend her life advocating for the causes of children in Africa. Her name as an actress and even her title as UNICEF goodwill ambassador does not compete with her devotion to the role of motherhood (she has had 14 children in all--4 biological and 10 adopted.) Fans of Mia Farrow also love her in the mother role--the mother of a demonic baby.

As Rosemary in Roman Polanski's 1968 horror flick Rosemary's Baby Farrow was not only showcasing a series of sweet girlish tent dresses, but she also set off a flurry of women that had to have the pixie haircut Farrow had done during the movie. This cut is still considered one of the most sought after of all time. Although I love her hair and the fashion in this film, I will only watch it up to a point--right before she looks into the cradle to discover her baby is the spawn of Satan. All things satanic make me absolutely uncomfortable and squeemish, so the chanel must be changed if I'm watching it on TV during a Halloween weekend marathon. For some reason I'm always hoping that Rosemary gets the sweet baby she deserves, but as the film inches closer and closer to the conclusion that I'm hoping against, off it goes. I can't sleep when demonic faces are plaguing my dreams. I would much rather dream of the Rosemaryesque maternity wear that I will someday sport when I'm having a baby that better look nothing like Rosemary's and act nothing like Soon-Yi.

I've called this gray and white striped tent dress my Rosemary's Baby dress since I bought it 5+ years ago at a thrift store. I plan on dressing just like Rosemary when I get pregnant someday...hopefully sans Satan's baby because I want a cute and sweet one.

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  1. I am exactly the same way about demonic movies/things, ugh.

    Leesh, I like your blog. :)