Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Haunted Hayride

Friday night I went on the Haunted Hayride in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park with my friend Sarah. Their theme of “Through a Child’s Eyes“ had them including horrific amusement parks, an ice-cream truck and a school bus taken over by deranged creatures, a disturbing puppet show gone murderous, demonic Christmas elves and insane carolers singing Silent Night, and last but not least lots and lots of creepy of which clung onto the truck bed where I was sitting and wouldn’t stop staring at me.

Before arriving I thought it would just be some good kiddie Halloween fun. I got some hot apple cider to sip while standing in line for the hayride and Sarah got some delicious looking pumpkin pancakes. There were actors hired to play goblins and destructive looking immortals walking around, selling snacks and scaring any adult composure out of their targets. There was an animal skeleton merry-go-round that went backward, a psychic, a magician, a house of glass and mirrors, and a hay maze. There was this eerie feeling of walking back in time to a depression era autumn haunted circus. The detail was quite astounding and all the actor’s devotion to stay in character only made the experience more appealing. As I allowed the demented crazies roaming around to push screams out of me, I had to laugh at how childishly gleeful I felt in the midst of a set that was meant to be unnervingly chilling.

My hayride outfit: blue vintage "Teen Wolf" tee; gray tapered trousers; white braided leather thrifted belt; black eighties vintage slouch purse; black low top Converse sneakers.

The scariest shirt I own is my vintage eighties Teen Wolf tee sporting the beloved Michael J.Fox's mug.

Close-up on eighties black leather slouch purse.

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