Monday, June 18, 2012

Vintage Tip Tuesday 32

What am I loving for this summer? I can certainly answer that. I'm adoring the matching high-waisted shorts and crop top sets I've been seeing in stores like Dolce & Gabanna, H&M ,The Bettie Page Store and Samantha Pleet that are total throw backs to the summer fashion of the fifties! They're both and innocent and sexy. Sure I've never been one for matching (if you erase my elementary school eighties style where my socks and hair bows always matched my outfit to a tee), but hey this is one adorable look for a day bicycling on the beach or browsing the Sunday farmer's market for some fresh strawberries. Now let's be clear. Just because your shorts and top match doesn't mean your accessories should. Throw on some bright platforms or sandals and carry a straw bag that doesn't match but does compliment your sweet outfit.  I can't wait to start hunting for one of these perfect ensembles...

Buy at Samantha Pleet

Don't match your bag and purse to an already matching ensemble.

Must have a flat stomach for this look...get to those crunches.

Dolce & Gabanna

When the crop top is a little longer, it will look more like a romper but just as cute!

H & M matching ensemble on the right is a cheaper route to take.

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