Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Style Goes Vintage

We all know fashion is recycled. How many times have we donated clothing that comes back in style only a few years later? Designers have hit every decade and when they reach the 90's, they start their search for historical inspiration all over again. I usually preach about taking the old and adding your own modern twist, but you can just as easily reverse my mantra. With this spring's Top 10 Trends, take the modern and make it look retro. This can be done through an antique brooch, hat, handbag, costume jewelry or even with your hairstyle or make-up application.


1. Color Blocking.

The new...

...can be made retro with kitten heels and a 60's bun.

2. Leather Skirts and Dresses.
The new...
...and the 80's look can be acquired by giving your hair that extra volume.

3. Bold Floral Prints.

The new...

...and the retro that can be upheld with large mid-century earrings or berrets.

4. Orange and Tangarine.

The new...

...and the retro that takes matching ballet flats and a pixie cut.

5. Sea Green.

The new...
...and the retro can be had with a vintage hat placed on the head.

6. Global Prints.

The new...

...and the retro that can be achieved by adding colorful go-go boots.

7. White.

The new...

...and the retro that can be done by wearing heels and a lacy slip spying through.

8. Camo.
The new...

...and the retro that can be done by adding different prints and textures.

9. Metallics.

The new...
...and the retro can be created with the application of bright red lipstick.

10. Peplum Skirts and Dresses.
The new...

...and the retro can be made with a 1940's handbag (skip the gloves tp prevent costume territory.)



  1. Just discovered your blog to find that it is long overdue for new postings.....You're so absolutely gorgeous that you, yourself, are a rather nice fit with your chosen icons.

  2. That's so kind of you to say! I wrote this blog for over a year and did several posts a week. Once I was hired as a cover story writer for a magazine, it was too difficult to keep up with the blog. I've moved away from LA now and make my living as a professional makeup artist now. Perhaps I'll come back to posting on my blog every once in awhile though!